Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sheesh we can't seem to get enough of PCMC these days! Unfortunately Lauren came down with a fever late last night/early AM today and was admitted to the ICS Unit (Immunocompromised Services Unit) after another ER visit. It was of course crazy since I was working a night shift at LDSH and Brock was at home with all 3 kids. Fortunately my mom could come to the rescue at the wee morning hours (~2 AM). Almost no sleep last night and just an hour of catch up today = a couple exhausted people! Hopefully she will sleep tonight.

Well, she had a low grade fever (>100 <101) for an hour so of course we did the 'usual' and called the on-call oncologist which meant a trip to the ER and an admission due to the absence of neutrophils (ANC of 0). After a little trauma in the ER. . .4 pokes just to access her central line, she now thinks everyone who comes in the room is going to poke her (of course right after she finally is doing better with the accessing we have to have a traumatic experience. . .go figure). She has been sleepy on and off (her usual) but keeps having low-mid grade fevers which means we may be here for a little while. So far her cultures are negative (<24 hrs) and her appetite is improved. She gets IV antibiotics and may eventually go home on IV antibiotics once her ANC improves and she is fever free for 24-48 hrs, so who knows how long that will take. . .we are hoping for the weekend, but we will have to see how things go!

She feels good off and on, and managed to sleep for a chunk of time this afternoon which means she is having a hard time winding down tonight. Hopefully she will stop chatting and feel sleepy soon (but at least she is feeling better at the moment)!


Lisa Louise said...

ah darn it! i hope you get to come back home soon!!

The Ogdens said...

get better lauren so we can go see toy story!

Deckers said...

Thinking of you! Hang in there strong mama!!