Monday, December 29, 2008

ChRIsTmaS TiMe

I love this season! We had a fun, snowy Christmas @ Jenny and Greg's. Yummy Jenny McMuffins and wonderful handmade gifts. The kids were excited, especially Brady. Every time we baked stuff this month he would ask if it was for Santa. Then we stopped @ my mom's for a minute, the kids were excited to see her and we watched a movie. It was a busy day, but fun. We did a live nativity @ my mom's house. It was cute, but the kids are still a little young and don't really know what to do. Lauren was the star, it was so cute to see her pace around everywhere. Brady was a wiseman, and he was excited for his part to be read.

Brady had his preschool program this month and it was adorable! I just love watching him sing and try to do the actions. Lauren was excited to see him too, but first she needed a couple pics. . .PLEASE. . . CHEESE! (2 of her fav phrases).Lauren was so excited to see Santa she could hardly wait to sit on his lap. . .but she instantly realized it wasn't as cool as she thought:O Wow. . .her first and only episode of stranger danger.

They got to see Santa 3 times in 1 week! Brady could hardly wait to have his name called each time.

Lauren definitely kept her distance on the 3rd Santa encounter. She was SO stiff, and you couldn't even budge her forward.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bring on the Festivities!

Well the Christmas festivities have begun! Grandma went with us to the Festival of Trees. Brady loved the bubble maker and fishing pond. We bought some delicious goodies and saw tons of beautiful trees and amazing gingerbread houses. I also went to the yearly cookie party with Lisa and Trisha. It was fun as usual, with yummy cookies, food, and visiting.

Thanksgiving Feast

We had Thanksgiving dinner @ my mom's this year, it was delish! Here are the kids at the 'kiddie table.' I am glad we got to sit with the grown ups! After dinner we goofed around and played Rock Band on XBOX. It was harder then it looked, but fun!