Thursday, November 19, 2009

Almost there. . .

Not much time left. . .I had my check up today and things are going good. I am already 2+ dilated and 70% effaced. . .ahead of schedule according to my doctor, and he could feel the head too! It could happen at anytime, but I still think the baby will come when I am induced in 2 weeks. . .I guess time will tell! I am super excited and can't wait to bend again. I think you must forget how such a simple task can be so difficult.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update overload. . .Happy Halloween & lots more! (see below)

We had a fun night carving pumpkins, making homemade pizza's, trick or treating, and then sipping hot cider afterwards. Becah, Marc, and Riley came over for the fun festivities too. It was a busy night, but super fun:)

Preschool. . .Finally!

Brady started preschool @ the East High School Little Leopards Preschool this year. 1 week down, but I am really impressed with it. It is such a good deal too. We only had to get on the waiting list 2+ years in advance. He is so excited to go everyday and has a ton of fun. The kids are outnumbered by the 'teachers' so there is a lot of attention which is good for him. He painted a pumpkin, made a trick or treating bag, and went trick or treating just to name a few of the activities this week!


We made zombie eyeballs and spider cookies for our Halloween treat this year. Brady and Lauren made some cute cards and we delivered them to some of our family. They turned out pretty cute. Brady is learning to write a couple letters (M, B, O, and X) so it was fun to see him write them for the first time!


I love having a sewing machine! I found a dress pattern on the Internet for free and made one for Lauren. I think it turned out pretty good for one of my first attempts. . .