Monday, April 25, 2011

St. George

The weather was absolutely perfect! It was hard to come back to the cold when the temp's were mid to high 70's and sunny, and a bit windy at times. It was a nice break, just to get out of town for a short vacation. The car rides there and back were pretty good thanks to some snacks and movies for the kids. Poor Courtney was the only one that didn't have a fun(?) car ride. Thankfully she slept off and on. We stayed with Brock's Gramma Jackie. Buzz, Heidi, Chloie and Avery were in St. George too so we got to hang out a couple times which was super fun!

Brady and I goofing around on the car ride to the museum. We got to sit with each other a lot so Gramma could ride in the front.We went to the Dino museum (I think Brock had the best time. . .the kids were a little young to really appreciate more then a little time there).

After that we headed to In-N-Out for lunch. Then we got to go swimming with everyone. The kids were terrified and took a while to warm up to the idea on letting the death grip they had on us loosen a little. They really liked the hot tub though. I think the pool was a little cool. We lounged at the pool for a couple hours then headed back to Gramma's.Gramma made a delicious spaghetti and meatball dinner (which we got to enjoy for a couple nights). We played a good game of Scrabble. . .a super close game, but Avery pulled off a win. Then after another yummy spaghetti dinner the next night Gramma had bought an egg dye kit and also got some stickers for the kids to decorate eggs, so we picked up some eggs to boil and made a night of it. They were all so colorful and the kids had fun.The next day we headed to Turtle Rock for a little hike/walk around. Lauren had her usual shoe issues so had to be carried until she figured out how to walk better and keep the rocks and dirt from flipping into her shoes. It is so beautiful with the blue skies and bright orange rocks.Then we headed to Tuacahn for a picnic lunch and to see where Gramma volunteers. We got a little demonstration of what she does there (collecting tickets) and got to see the stage. It would be super fun to venture there for a production. . .one of there days. The kids got a little souvenir there (Brady wanted a picture of his snake which he LOVES). Then we ended the day with some yummy dinner at The Pizza Factory.Our last day started out a little rough for me. I got a really bad migraine, so the morning and afternoon were waisted away lying in bed drinking a Coke Zero and tons of ibuprofen. I finally got up (again) at 3PM and we headed to the Sand Hollow Aquatics Center (no photos, because I didn't want to have to worry about the camera, plus I wasn't feeling 100%). We left Courtney with Gramma and she slept the whole time! Lauren was super scared (demonstrated by her death grip) and Brady warmed up pretty quickly. We definitely need to get some swimming lessons in the works since they have never had any. Brady went down the water slide once with me and that was enough for him. They played with the water toys and went down the mini slide the rest of the time. Lauren warmed up to the idea of letting go of us about 40 minutes into the swimming trip and actually had a ton of fun.

That evening we got to accompany Gramma to her clubhouse for dinner with all the 55's and over. Then a good night sleep followed by a long ~7 hr trip home (with a couple errands along the way). Needless to say we were all pretty exhausted. We got unpacked and I did laundry until about 11 PM then slept, worked a 24- hr shift, and got off Easter morning (that will be a post for another day. . .the picture files are HUGE and take me for-ev-er to download and I have to do 2-3 at a time or it won't work. I need to figure out a better way, but haven't figured it out yet).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boutique TOMORROW!

Can't wait to see how everything works out tomorrow. I have been working like crazy to make things for this boutique, along with several other friends. I have seen some of the things they have been making and they are incredible!!! It goes from 10 AM- 5 PM @ 2017 Kensington Ave (just below 2100 E and N of 1700 S in Sugarhouse). Hope you can make it!