Saturday, January 21, 2012

All Girl:)

I love how Lauren plays with her Strawberry Shortcake Friends. She carefully lined them all up in a row on the floor so I had to take a pic because it looked so cute. She loves these dolls (thanks Grandma Jenny and Papa Greg)! She took them to show-in-tell today because they smell fruity. "F" is the letter of the week and the topic was the 5 senses, so it worked out pretty well. The other thing she did was grab a bunch of tissues and use them as pillows and beds (she has done this before with T.P. and her mini princess dolls). Sometimes you just have to stop and look at the small, simple stuff . . .like kids pretend play:)

Friday, January 20, 2012


We finally signed Lauren up for dance for the first time EVER! Because of the chemo effect on her immune system and her profound anemia we weren't super comfortable doing it when she was 3+. She has been doing well for a while now, it's just been busy as usual around here. We happened to get her in a class right before they started a new session this month. Here she is posing before her first class (ballet and tap combined). She gets to go with her best friend Mae. Her teacher is Ms. Julie and she seems AMAZING! She is super good with Lauren and she has already learned some dance vocab and moves. She LOVES it! We are super excited to see her perform in the spring recital:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Missing 2 front teeth. . .well sort of

December 17th, 2011
In December Brady was SO excited to finally have a loose tooth. We wiggled it and jiggled it for a few weeks so it was super loose, but he didn't want me to pull it out. I tried a little once and it made a horrible noise and bled a bit (which scared Brady) so I stopped. I remember my dad would always promise he would just "look" at my loose tooth, but would always yank it out. It made me cry for a second then I was excited it was out:) You think I would have stopped showing him.

I happened to notice his adult tooth growing in behind it so I really wanted to get the baby one out. My brother Greg (AKA the Dentist) did the old floss around the tooth and shut the door. Well it worked and the tooth went flying! We looked and looked but couldn't ever find it. Brady wanted the tooth fairy to come, but NO TOOTH! He wrote her a little note and she came!!!

Well, fast forward a few weeks later and ditto! His adult tooth was growing in behind again! His tooth wasn't as loose this time, but Brock and I tied the floss then I had Brady shut the back door (because he was worried I would shut it too hard). The tooth came right out, but this time it was still hanging by the floss. He was super excited to see what it looks like (and his blood hole - as he terms it). It bled for a little bit but he was super excited to have a tooth to take to school so he could get a tooth box. The tooth fairy left 4 quarters this time (no $ bill in stock I guess;). He was excited to have the money and even more excited to take the tooth to school. I told him the tooth fairy knows how much he wanted to keep it so that is why she left it.

January 17th, 2012
Tonight he (on the umpteenth time of coming out of bed. . .Just got out again and it's almost 9:30PM!!) asked me if I left the money under his pillow (which I of course denied immediately) because Logan at school said the tooth fairy isn't real! Man, way to take some fun and excitement away Logan!!! I told him the tooth fairy doesn't visit Logan because he doesn't believe in him. Then he asked if she was going to come again tonight since he still has his tooth. . .LOL. Smart kid:)