Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter +

As usual, it's a long post. . .lots of little things, and several pictures! Brady had his Easter program @ Ms. Wendy's. Mom, Dad, Lauren, and even Grandma were able to come! Brady mostly starred at everyone, and participated when the teacher reminded him. He kind of sat in a weird place on the end facing the parents rather then straight ahead.Next we dyed Easter eggs and Papa Mark and Ya Ya happened to come over. It was our first year dying eggs. The kids had fun and it wasn't too messy.Easter morning Brady woke up and asked if the Easter bunny came in his bunny car. I thought it was pretty cute. They had a fun Easter morning before church, then we headed out to Grandma Jenny and Papa Greg's house for more Easter fun and a delicious dinner. They collected Easter eggs and even flew a kite! It was such a nice day.

Well, here's to hopefully posting a little at a time (rather then all at once!).

Saturday, April 11, 2009


We finally went bowling. . .I have wanted to go for weeks. The kids had fun. Lauren was more excited about the ramp and the people who worked there. Whenever she did bowl, she always started to walk away before the ball hit the pins. On the other hand, Brady wanted every turn to be his! It was fun to get away and do something other then the ordinary, mundane, everyday things.