Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dentist AND MORE!

One of the BEST Dentists ever! Greg fixed Lauren's chipped tooth today. We had an appointment for Brady to get a couple sealants, but actually ended up with a little decay. 2 rubber dams (1 on each side) with just a dab of numbing ointment. He did an amazing job! Brady held still and did so good. Lauren (who I could barely convince to get a cleaning for the first time last visit) wanted a turn too, so Greg fixed her tooth. I am SO happy! I think it looks amazing.
So like usual I lumped a ton of stuff in this blog post. . .
Brady's experiment pictures (and these we before I noticed the egg drenched toilet paper hanging from the closet door and high up on the walls, and also the apple cut with a plastic knife all over the other end of the bed). I couldn't get mad since it was my fault for taking a much needed nap.
St. Patrick's Day. . .for breakfast green pancakes (didn't have time to make the green eggs before preschool). Dinner was green mashed potatoes, green beans, and fish (well, we couldn't eat ALL green stuff:)
Courtney eating Brady's hand. It was SO cute and made my morning to see. Brady is such a light sleeper, so comes upstairs the moment one of us is getting ready for work. We all fell asleep for about another 30+ min before Lauren was awake too. Every couple minutes Courtney would turn towards his and hold his arm and trying to suck on his hand and he didn't even budge!The hat my sister Elaina made. . .LOVE it! Courtney being a big girl. She has changed SO much in just the past couple weeks, and of course she is growing like a weed!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Courtney is 3 months!

I went to JC Penny's today for Courtney's 3 month photos. . .I can't believe how good they turned out! She was SO good, until the very end. Lauren kept saying she needed to go potty (I thought it was just an excuse to go, thankfully no accidents). Brady was at preschool. It was a crazy morning, and I barely made it to preschool to pick him up. . .just a couple minutes late. I am making a pettiskirt, but bought the wrong kind of chiffon so the ends fray like crazy, I was planning on making it for the pic. I worked on it until about 1:30 am only finishing 1/4 of the skirt and gave up. Thank goodness for the dress up tutu I bought Lauren for her birthday last year, add a huge flower (that ones for you Greg;) that I made this morning and voila!