Wednesday, June 24, 2009

California Vacation!

We had a wonderful time in California visiting Brock's cousin Aimee, Jason and their cute kids. It was a rocky start. First we cut it short getting to the airport (Brock had to go to the store to get a few last minute items for him), but luckily we still made it in time. Our flight was a little delayed, so by the time we got to the house it was past bed time. The kids were so excited they wouldn't go to bed. Finally I decided I would just go to bed so they would stay. While I was brushing my teeth Lauren (I'm sure with a little help from her big bro) got into the suitcase, found my ziplock of toiletries and my pill box. She ate 1 1/2 of my prenatal vitamins. I don't know why she would have even tried another after the first one, they are so disgusting just to swallow let alone chew them up. Anyways, I thought she would probably be ok but was still a little worried. I called Jenny, but no answer, so I called my friend Lisa who suggested calling poison control (duh, I didn't even think of that. . .luckily I do have it programmed in our cell phones in case of emergency). I forgot about the time change (sorry guys for calling just before 11 PM). They told me the iron content she took for her weight was not too concerning but told me to watch for vomiting or diarrhea and to call if she had a problem. Well, about 4 AM she threw up all over me, her, and the bed! Boy was it was disgusting! Brock was sick too, mild flu-like symptoms, so he had gone out to sleep on the couch an hour earlier. I cleaned everything up called poison control and tried to sleep again. Needless to say none of us got much sleep so our plans for SeaWorld the next day were postponed and we just hung around the house and rested.

Friday we went to SeaWorld and had a blast! They loved most of the shows, definitely the animals, and Brady liked the rides and playing in the water (Lauren of course wanted to go on the ride, but freaks out mid-ride). The 4-D movie was especially entertaining for Brady. They both loved petting the Bat Rays, and Lauren got soaked when 1 came up to the top of the aquarium and slashed it's arms.
We spent a couple days at the beach. The first was a little cold and rainy. Lauren wasn't sure about all the water, but loved the sand. Brady loved the water, but hated the sand on him when he was done. I should have taped him walking away with his arms straight out, fingers splayed, legs straight. It took him forever to walk to the car! Lauren unfortunately got sick on the ride home and threw up all over her and the car seat. Twice in 1 week, no fun. The next time we went to the beach it was warm, sunny, with a light breeze. The water was fun and the kids loved it!

Our trip ended by going to the 'bucket park.' Where some of us got a little too much sun. Brady loved playing with Taggart and Lauren just chilled on the beach chairs and actually took a nap. Then off to the airport for the trip home. While we were waiting for our flight Lauren started developing what looked like a little red rash on her forehead, but by the time we got to my mom's car she was covered in hives. Her eyes were almost swollen shut, even her forehead was swollen. Kidscare was closed unfortunately since it was just before 11 PM, and we decided to just watch her and wait it out since she wasn't having any breathing difficulty. I gave her some Benadryl, that helped a little, and the hives are now slowly disappearing.

It was a fun trip, full of activities, delicious food, and good company. Thanks Donohue's!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Day of Preschool

His last day of preschool was this past month (May 21, our 8th wedding anniversary too!). So we met at the park by Ms. Wendy's house. The kids had fun with the parachute and eating Popsicles. Then they got there 'yearbook' from Ms. Wendy. We love her! She was such an awesome teacher, and will miss her next year. Brady still asks almost everyday if it's time to go to school. I feel like a broken record. . .after Summer is over you get to go to school again, but without fail a couple days later "is it school time?" He's very persistent.

Mother's Day Program

Brady had his typical preschool program, where he rarely (if ever) sings with the other kids. He got upset before it started so it took almost the whole short program to even convince him to go back up. I still think he looks cute. . .now if he would only sing the whole time:)