Thursday, October 22, 2009

Double Trouble

Here's what happens when you leave 2 little ones alone with scissors out on the desk. . .

I was so excited because I just bought my very first sewing machine for my upcoming birthday and I made a gift for my sister and one for myself (I'll have to post pics of them later, since I don't want to ruin the surprise). I called my mom up because I was so excited with how they turned out, while I was boiling some pasta for dinner. Not more then 10 minutes alone and I came downstairs to find Lauren's new shirt (worn only once) missing most of one arm and a piece off the other, a slit in her sweater, and a small chunk of hair missing. Brady had so much fun earlier while a sewed a little, by cutting the scraps of material I guess he thought he would cut some more. . .and Lauren cut her hair, thankfully it's hardly noticeable since it blends in on the side. Needless to say the scissors are in a high, out of sight place now!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sneak Peak. . .

We had a fun Halloween dinner/party @ Grandma Jenny and Papa Greg's house tonight. Here's a sneak peak at Halloween costumes. Lauren of course is a princess, and she would wear the dress everyday, all day (if I only let her). You can't really see her crown because it sits too far back. . .I'll have to work on this Halloween. Brady is a firefighter and likes to tell you what they do. He had to wear the costume daily for the first week after we bought it. . .but then it lost the novelty. Riley was an adorable lion, Nick managed to put his tiger top on, and Avery was Wilma from the Flinstones (sad to say. . .probably her last year dressing up).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Brady has been playing soccer for a couple weeks. . .or at least he is on a soccer team ;) It is pretty cute when he decides he will chase after the ball. It was an awesome deal, and it's good to have something for him to do while we wait for preschool to start at the end of this month.