Sunday, March 27, 2011


Wow! I didn't realize how much of a slacker I have been on the blogging lately. . .I guess I've been too busy crafting for a boutique I am doing with some neighborhood friends Friday, April 8th (more to come on that. . .). I am sure Brock can't wait until I am done, since I have pretty much taken over the downstairs. Oh, well . . .I will be done one of these days:)

Lauren and Brady were able to go to the Make-a-Wish Princess Tea Party. . .I originally didn't have anyone to watch Brady and when we RSVP'd they said other boys AKA princes would be there too so Brady was excited to go. My mom ended up watching Courtney, and Brady decided he still wanted to go. I am sure he felt a little left out initially. There was only 2 other boys (both little boys, < 2yrs old) and all the girls were getting make up on. At that point he wanted to go, but soon he was having 'the best day ever' (as he would say it).

Lauren and Brady being welcomed by one of the prince'sLauren getting her make-up on, complete with purple sparkly eyeshadow

Walking on the red carpet lined with all the princesses (girls from all over Utah who have won a pageant AKA scholarships). The kids were on Fox13 news that night walking down the carpet and eating tea and cookies.Lauren was surrounded by princesses. . .They were SO cute to her and just adored her! She had an amazing time! It actually made me want to bawl to see all the little kids like Lauren being treated like the princesses they are.Lauren dancing with the Prince. She was having fun. . .no smiles for the camera though. She even danced with Brady!Brady had tons of fun being surrounded by girls! They adored him too and he loved every minute of it. He took this princess AKA Belle outside to dance. He even danced with a little 2 yr old for a second. . .super cute! Lauren with her jewel shoes. . .she absolutely LOVES shoes! I remember her asking all the Disney princesses if she could see there shoes while we were in Disney world.Lauren checking out her goods. She got a necklace, some toy rings, a crown (she is wearing) and a princess slap bracelet along with some perfume samples (which she graciously sprayed all over the van while I was pulling out of my mom's driveway. . . making quite the intoxicating drive home).Brady was excited they found him a boy gift, and toted that turtle around for days afterwards

Courtney LOVES girly things already. Bracelets, purses, necklaces, babies, you name it! It is SUPER cute to see her so I had to snap some pictures