Monday, September 22, 2008

Too Much Yet?

Here's a couple more pics when we were bored and waiting for daddy to get home. I love Lauren's face in the 2nd one! And the goofball Brady :) Sorry for the head cramp, I couldn't get the pictures to be horizontal! Any tips?

Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

So I was really behind on posting, as you can tell (thanks to our S L O W computer and the problems I have been having with pictures). Well here's what happens when you leave the box of wipes too close to the crib.

Family Pics

Well, we had a family fun gathering a few weeks ago when Brock's cousin and kids were in town. It was so fun to see all of them, they are so adorable! Here are some of the pictures trickling in from Aimee (doesn't she take the best pics ever?) . . .

The whole she-bang

Grandma Jenny, Papa Greg & Cousins

Aaron, Bethany & Nick

Becah, Marc & Riley

Uncle Chris

Brady & Taggart

OK, so if you haven't figured it out yet. . . I LOVE pictures way more then tons of writing. Enjoy :)

New Stuff!

Yeah! We finally got a new couch and chair after 7 years of Grandma Dolores' hand-me-down furniture. Leather and all! They are so comfortable. I can't wait 'til the ottoman comes in a few weeks!
I went to the 'Farmer's Market' this weekend because my Aunt Arlene and some of her kids had a booth. It was SO cute! They had some amazing things. One of my favorite things I had to buy was this sign 'work of art' so I can hang up the kids art work. I thought it was such an awesome idea! You can see Brady's works or art from preschool. . . cool eh? She made them with different colors of painted wood and different vinyl lettering/phrases. Just thought I would share a fun, unique way to display your kids artwork!

Friday, September 12, 2008


The funniest thing about the picture he made (Brady as he refers to it) is ever since he got home from school with it he insists on having it when he eats and he even HAD to sleep with it last night :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Germs AND Bugs

Brady was so excited to tell me all about school. He told me they learned about German bugs (I thought he was just talking nonsense), thankfully I was still at school so Miss Wendy translated it for me. . .Germs AND Bugs. And then he demonstrated how to cough and he stuck his tongue out to show me where the German bugs are (he still insists that's what they are). I thought it was pretty good he told me all that. I usually ask him on the way home what he learned about, but he must have been so excited he couldn't even wait for me to ask. Once we got home he asked me over and over "do we pick out nose?. . .no." I think he must have learned that little fact too. He made a cute little picture of himself since that was the theme for the day. Miss Wendy said he was so excited and proud that he got to have a frowny face for him. When he got home he said the doll/picture was sad because he broke his arm. Always something new!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1st Day of School

Brady was so excited! He had a blast for his 1st day of school (that is pre-school). It was only an hour to ease the kids in, but he didn't want to leave when it was over. He met a little friend, Brayden, who is only about 2 months younger. . .it was SO cute! He just goes twice a week for a couple hours, but he already loves it. He's teacher (Miss Wendy) built the preschool in her basement/garage. There are 11 kids in his class (only 2 girls!). It's a little hectic dropping and picking him up. You can see all the mom's video taping their kids first day of school. Now if we can just tackle the potty training thing!