Monday, September 22, 2008

New Stuff!

Yeah! We finally got a new couch and chair after 7 years of Grandma Dolores' hand-me-down furniture. Leather and all! They are so comfortable. I can't wait 'til the ottoman comes in a few weeks!
I went to the 'Farmer's Market' this weekend because my Aunt Arlene and some of her kids had a booth. It was SO cute! They had some amazing things. One of my favorite things I had to buy was this sign 'work of art' so I can hang up the kids art work. I thought it was such an awesome idea! You can see Brady's works or art from preschool. . . cool eh? She made them with different colors of painted wood and different vinyl lettering/phrases. Just thought I would share a fun, unique way to display your kids artwork!

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