Monday, December 29, 2008

ChRIsTmaS TiMe

I love this season! We had a fun, snowy Christmas @ Jenny and Greg's. Yummy Jenny McMuffins and wonderful handmade gifts. The kids were excited, especially Brady. Every time we baked stuff this month he would ask if it was for Santa. Then we stopped @ my mom's for a minute, the kids were excited to see her and we watched a movie. It was a busy day, but fun. We did a live nativity @ my mom's house. It was cute, but the kids are still a little young and don't really know what to do. Lauren was the star, it was so cute to see her pace around everywhere. Brady was a wiseman, and he was excited for his part to be read.

Brady had his preschool program this month and it was adorable! I just love watching him sing and try to do the actions. Lauren was excited to see him too, but first she needed a couple pics. . .PLEASE. . . CHEESE! (2 of her fav phrases).Lauren was so excited to see Santa she could hardly wait to sit on his lap. . .but she instantly realized it wasn't as cool as she thought:O Wow. . .her first and only episode of stranger danger.

They got to see Santa 3 times in 1 week! Brady could hardly wait to have his name called each time.

Lauren definitely kept her distance on the 3rd Santa encounter. She was SO stiff, and you couldn't even budge her forward.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bring on the Festivities!

Well the Christmas festivities have begun! Grandma went with us to the Festival of Trees. Brady loved the bubble maker and fishing pond. We bought some delicious goodies and saw tons of beautiful trees and amazing gingerbread houses. I also went to the yearly cookie party with Lisa and Trisha. It was fun as usual, with yummy cookies, food, and visiting.

Thanksgiving Feast

We had Thanksgiving dinner @ my mom's this year, it was delish! Here are the kids at the 'kiddie table.' I am glad we got to sit with the grown ups! After dinner we goofed around and played Rock Band on XBOX. It was harder then it looked, but fun!

Friday, November 28, 2008

YEAH! Finally. . .

I am SO glad I FINALLY got the pictures to download to my blog! I would update this thing more often if I could get the pictures to load. Well, I know November is almost over. . .so here are the pictures from October, I know SLACKER, right?

Pumpkin Patch with mom. Grandma Jenny, cousin Nick, and Aunt Becky came too! Riding in the wheelbarrow on the way to pick pumpkins with cousin Nick. They looked too cute together, and what a fun way to travel.

Lauren's pumpkin.
Brady on the tractor. I noticed the sign after Aunt Becky put him on the tractor "keep off tractor." Well, it's a cute picture anyways, and no harm done.
Brady having fun, and Lauren with her perplexed look. She is SO expressive!
Pumpkin carving @ Grandma Jenny and Papa Greg's house.
Staples to the head after hitting it on the corner of the coffee table. He was such a brave, inquisitive boy thru the whole ordeal.

Brady and mom carved the pumpkins this year. Notice the nice bruise on his forehead from sliding head first off the ottoman, of course he did this the morning after his staples. His first Halloween program was so cute! He was exhausted though, notice the look. Brady was one of 3 Spinderman's in his class! Okay, not an original costume, but he LOVES Spiderman.
Making yummy cookies with mom. Notice Brady's scary face. I had to take his picture a couple times, he thought it was such a cool expression. Boo @ the Zoo. . .what a literal zoo! It was SO crowded. The kids had fun though, and enjoyed the few pieces of candy they got.
Petting zoo @ Gardiner Village. They loved it!
More @ Gardiner Village with a group of neighborhood friends.
Brock and kids @ the chili fest/trunk-or-treating ward party.Donut-on-a-string eating contest. Brady actually did pretty good. He was a little slow, but it stayed on the string the whole time (no hands).
Costume time. All the cousins wore their costumes so Grandma Jenny and Papa Greg could see them. Aren't they adorable?
We spent Halloween night @ Grandma Jenny and Papa Greg's house for some good eats and trick-or-treats!
Trick or Treating with Cousin Riley, notice the "cheese" grin on Lauren.
Lauren had to make a "hat" after she saw Brady put the basket on his head (notice the post before this one). Too bad it was full of peach juice! She has made quite a habit of making bowls and plates her hat, no fun for me and Brock.
Brady loves to empty all the baskets with books, diapers and toys into Lauren's bed when she wakes up from her nap.
The one photo from November! Aren't kids so fun? It's amazing how much of a mess they can make in a matter of seconds. Cheerios EVERYWHERE! You just have to laugh sometimes, like the time I was making Thanksgiving pies a few days ago and gave Lauren and Brady some of the leftover banana cream; they painted the table and their arms and legs with it. Little stinkers. . .

Monday, November 3, 2008


I can't believe October came and went and I still haven't posted a blog. It's been a crazy month! We had some fun times, and some not so fun times. At Gardner Village we saw the witches and visited the petting zoo. My birthday was fun. I got to go to dinner and a movie with my mom this month too. Boo at the zoo WAS literally a ZOO! I saw Thriller for the 1st time. Brady and Lauren loved Halloween stuff. We carved pumpkins we picked with Grandma Jenny and Becky. Cookie making and potty training. . .the list goes on and on. Brady's Halloween parade and program at preschool was so cute. We had a fun party at the church with donuts on a string and trunk or treating, and other fun stuff. We ventured out to Grandma Jenny's for some eats and treats on Halloween night. Riley even came trick or treating. Between all this fun stuff, there was some not so fun stuff. Like colds, and diarrhea and vomiting which is never fun, especially because the kids didn't know what was coming (thankfully I never got it!). Lastly the staples Brady got in his head after hitting it on the coffee table, following that up with a big goose egg the next morning as he fell head first off the ottoman. It was such a busy, CRAZY, fun month!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Too Much Yet?

Here's a couple more pics when we were bored and waiting for daddy to get home. I love Lauren's face in the 2nd one! And the goofball Brady :) Sorry for the head cramp, I couldn't get the pictures to be horizontal! Any tips?

Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

So I was really behind on posting, as you can tell (thanks to our S L O W computer and the problems I have been having with pictures). Well here's what happens when you leave the box of wipes too close to the crib.

Family Pics

Well, we had a family fun gathering a few weeks ago when Brock's cousin and kids were in town. It was so fun to see all of them, they are so adorable! Here are some of the pictures trickling in from Aimee (doesn't she take the best pics ever?) . . .

The whole she-bang

Grandma Jenny, Papa Greg & Cousins

Aaron, Bethany & Nick

Becah, Marc & Riley

Uncle Chris

Brady & Taggart

OK, so if you haven't figured it out yet. . . I LOVE pictures way more then tons of writing. Enjoy :)