Saturday, September 5, 2009

Swimming & Grandma Jackie's 75th Surprise B-day Party

Well after some miscommunication, we are the only ones who came to swim. Who new this even existed just right down the street? It's a pretty cool pool, but really hot and smelly (chlorine). Lauren was SO daring, she usually doesn't even want to get in. She went in pretty far, which made me a little nervous since I wasn't dressed to swim (because I thought EVERYONE was going to be there;). Brady booked it to the slide one time and gave me a good scare. Luckily he didn't dare go down (it's a little deep where it comes out, and Lauren was in the water on the other end. . .needless to say, I was glad to leave). They had tons of fun though.

Grandma Jackie was completely surprised (good one Jenny)! It was a fun night seeing everyone from out of state, some of which I hadn't met in person before. Brady had fun playing with Taggart, they would be best buds. . .if only they lived local.