Monday, November 12, 2012


The girls were excited to play in the snow, but we waited until Brady got home from school. Brady opted to read so he could play the DS though. Lauren and Courtney were super excited to get their new snow clothes on (well hand-me-downs for Courtney except for her new fun monkey hat).

Yes those are the bundles of select Hickory wood floor filling up our living room, waiting to acclimate for the next week or so. Another room full of stuff! Will be super nice to get our house back together hopefully by the beginning of December?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween fun!

I thought I better post something more fun and exciting since even though we are living in a mess we did try and do some fun yearly traditions. So here are some of our Halloween activities for the month of October.
We had a fun time at Papa and Grandma Jenny's Halloween party eating a yummy dinner, decorating cupcakes, and making spiders out of pipe cleaners. The kids were super excited to wear their costumes and play with their cousins!
Then on Halloween day we were able to carve pumpkins. Courtney just watched. Lauren wasn't shy at all and used her hands to dig the pumpkin guts out. They were excited to FINALLY cut them out:) We didn't want them to shrivel up and get all moldy on our hot front porch before Halloween.

 Brock told the kids about Witches Brew. He told the kids if they wrote a letter to the witch she would give them the supplies to make it. Well they wrote the letter the first of October then had to wait a very l...o...n...g month to hear back from her (they asked me all the time when she was going to send something). But Halloween morning the kids found a surprise from her on the kitchen table, and boy were they excited! We got to make it to drink for dinner.

Then thanks to Grandma 'Nita for cooking the sugar cookie dough I made the day before, they were able to decorate sugar cookies after dinner (our yearly tradition). They didn't get time to eat them because it was time to meet up with some neighborhood friends to trick-or--treat.

Here they are ready for trick-or-treating! They had a blast getting candy. Then we spent some time at a neighbors having hot chocolate, goodies and watching Halloween cartoon clips on their garage. Then home to get ready for bed. They did get to chose 1 candy to eat first. Halloween is so much easier on a weekend, but they really had fun and the weather was incredible!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Progress finally! Hallelujah!!!

Today, they tested our ceiling speaker, put the insulation back in the ceiling and patched the very large hole with sheet rock. Now for the mud to dry overnight so hopefully the wall and ceiling can be painted tomorrow, then the lights and speaker can be put back in after that dries. It is SO nice to finally have some progress. It felt pretty hopeless for a while, but now things seem to be moving forward.

Friday (11/9) the hardwood floors should come in (hopefully) so they can be put in our house to acclimate for 7 days. Then Monday (11/12) they will try and remove our counter tops and sink without breaking it- not high hopes for this according to the granite guy who came to look at it a few days ago. Will likely break, but they need to at least try and remove it per insurance company rather than just replacing it. Tuesday (11/13) they come to take out all our kitchen cabinets (all except the ones hanging from the wall). We will have to get our appliances, furniture, and kitchen cabinets out of the house - some to the garage, but I highly doubt it will all fit since now we have yard work equipment, bikes, etc, stuff we didn't have when we first remodeled our house and stored our belongings in the garage + more furniture and the kitchen cabinets too! Will definitely need a storage pod by the looks of things. I'm crossing my fingers that maybe the upstairs can start being put back together the week of Thanksgiving??? or the one right after??? Flooring, cabinets, counter tops, sink, appliances, and eventually furniture. Too bad it is a short week, probably not long enough to get it all done:(

We will be kitchen-less for a couple weeks (minus the microwave). So that should be fun. We might end up moving in to my moms for a couple weeks, but we will just see how things go. Who knows when Alexa may decide to come, but I am in no rush for the time being! I will be term this Friday, so technically she can come anytime!!! Let's hope she holds off until things get a little better/more finished around here.