Monday, November 12, 2012


The girls were excited to play in the snow, but we waited until Brady got home from school. Brady opted to read so he could play the DS though. Lauren and Courtney were super excited to get their new snow clothes on (well hand-me-downs for Courtney except for her new fun monkey hat).

Yes those are the bundles of select Hickory wood floor filling up our living room, waiting to acclimate for the next week or so. Another room full of stuff! Will be super nice to get our house back together hopefully by the beginning of December?


Liz said...

Super cute. Your girls are adorable. Our kids had fun in the snow as well.

The Ogdens said...

love those two. so cute!

Rachel said...

Holy crap, I am loving that monkey hat. I love seeing how excited kids get to play in the snow!