Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bring on the hats. . .and NO SICK people PLEASE!

Well it's not as apparent in the pictures but Lauren has been losing her hair like crazy! Brock said she looked like Benjamin Button (AKA Brad Pitt) and she totally did. We finally gave in and convinced her to let us shave it off (of course to convince her I told her she could do it herself . . .with a little help;) Her face was like sure terror when she first saw her reflection in the mirror, but I told her she looked pretty ("pretty silly head" was her response after starring for a minute). She honestly looks better and less sickly with it shaved, plus now no more hair balls in the bed when she wakes up!

She finished her 5th dose/week of Chemo today. She has been such a trooper and is doing better taking her antibiotic and with the accessing of her port. She cried a little today, but overall did very good. I was however, shocked to see her ANC dropped to 0, YES ZERO! Now the scary, very immunosuppressed time starts. Hopefully no more fevers or sickness because that will buy her a 48-hour hospital stay minimum:( On a brighter note, her Hct didn't drop as much and is now 26.9% not yet the 25% needed to transfuse. She is still more tired then normal (unless she has visitors. . .she always has more spunk then), frequently asks to be held and lays down a lot (I'm sure a combination of the anemia and yucky chemo).

It was a day of Dr. visits today, not only for Lauren but well check ups for Brady and Courtney too! Well, Brady is still a big boy (no surprise). He weighed in at 48.5 pounds (90%tile) and 45 1/4 inches tall (91%tile). He has been at the top of the growth charts since he was 2 months old (Lauren was too for that matter). Brady was a champ at his shots. He only said "ouch" after them and then said "I was just kidding" because his Pediatrician was teasing him earlier when he checked his reflexes and he kept saying "ouch" then too teasingly.

Courtney is our only 'shorty' at 26.5 inches she is only 70 percentile (vs the usual 90%tile) and already 20 pounds 7 ounces (98%tile). . .almost ready to ditch the infant car seat and change to the convertible. She is dong really good sitting up by herself, but no rolling yet (that would require laying down more and with 2 other busy kids running around she doesn't get much of that). They both got a few less vaccines because of Lauren's immunosuppression. They will have to play catch up later this winter and get the other live attenuated ones.


Urania said...

Aww she looks cute shaved. You are all troopers through this, I cant even imagine how hard this is for you.. HUGS:)

The Ogdens said...

lauren looks cute no matter what! the picture of brady and courtney is adorable!

Tiffany said...

What beautiful children! We're thankful to be able to stay in touch this way. We continue to pray for you all. Love, Alan and Tiffany