Thursday, June 3, 2010

Week 3

Wednesday was Lauren's 3rd week of chemo. She did pretty well, except for the port accessing (she hates it!). She still doesn't have an appetite. The days are long, full of trying to get her to eat and drink something, and to take her medicine. Her cell counts are still dropping, the ANC is only 800 (500 is when they get really concerned) and Hct is now 30%, which makes her quite pale and a little tired too. She actually slept last night, which was nice for a change (Courtney did too!). The LOH test was negative! Now only 15 weeks of chemo left, assuming she won't have to have any postponed due to a low ANC.

I thought I better post some pictures too. . .

Brady and Courtney on her first real food day!

I took Lauren and Courtney to see the Cinderella ballet with Grandma Jenny. Cousin Hannah was one of the performers.

The family (Brady, dad, Courtney, mom, & Lauren-pre hair cut) at preschool graduation (no one really cooperated for the picture except me and Brock)

The graduating boy.

Courtney & Lauren-post hair cut (I have to admit I wanted to bawl when she got her hair cut. She did too, that night after she saw it for the 2nd time. It took me a little to get use to it, but now I like it. We did it so that it's not so drastic when it falls out. It has started to fall out a little this week, you can see the fine baby hairs on her shirt and mine when I hold her.

Brock & Grandma Jenny.

Grandma Venita and Courtney came too!

"Handsome man" (the little nickname I call Brady).


Rachel said...

ADORABLE pictures, all of them! Brady is quite the stud in that last pic. I would bawl my eyes out too, but Lauren's new hair cut is super cute. I love Courtney's face in that first picture. We just went to Grama Jackie's house and we were looking through her photo albums and I never realized how much Brady sorta looks like Brock when he was little!

The Ogdens said...

courtney looks like brock staring back at you! she is so cute!

alli said...

Lauren looks REALLY cute in the photo on the couch with Courtnie. Her hair is growing on me too--the bow makes it so cute. Can't wait to see you! Less than a month!!!

Lisa said...

I love her new haircut! I hope that she has a good week this week and you can spend some time at snowbird. Let me know if you need anything :)