Monday, February 18, 2013

More Valentine's Pictures

More Valentine's Day pictures. . .
Lauren's loot. The kids had fun at their school parties. Poor Courts wanted to get in on the action, thankfully Lauren was sweet and shared her candy. This fall Courtney will start Preschool and get to be like the big kids!
Brady's loot.
Notice the nice space between Brady's teeth? His front tooth is getting loose and keeps moving closer to the adjoining front tooth. Maybe this one will fall out without help?
She loves this baby doll:)
3 of the kids together, one day I will manage to get them all together:)
Alexa is getting so fun now that she doesn't scream all day and night. She is noticing her hands now and putting them in her mouth all the time. We are all having fun watching her do new things.

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Rebecah Ogden said...

seriously the cutest picture ever! she needs some earings to go with that necklace!