Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Courtney and Alexa

Courtney is so cute sometimes! She is the best little helper for the most part always getting diapers and anything else I will let her get. She only has the occasional jealousy (like a small kick to the head last week and "she's bugging me" reference to Alexa once). Plus she thinks its pretty neat to wear a diaper at night (samples Jenny gave us - really not much difference then her nightly pull up, but I think she likes to be the baby still every once in a while). She likes to be the baby when she plays 'mom and dad' (as she calls it) and even makes excuses as to why she can't go to Sunbeams on Sunday's ("I'm too little" - as she crawls or does baby talk, or other random things to act like a baby). I thought it was a pretty funny but smart to think of an excuse. Too funny! I think she is warming up to the whole idea of Sunbeams though. Well she asked me if she could hold Alexa and then asked me to take a picture so of course I obliged. . . only a few times:)

Lost count of the number of kisses. She loves this little lady:)
SO cute!!!