Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

The kids were super excited for Valentine's Day! We made their boxes thanks to Google and Pinterest searches for some ideas. Brady (for that matter I think most kids these days) LOVE angry birds. He got Red for Christmas, so after I saw red on some images I thought we would try and make a "box" out of it. It turned out better then I thought it might, and he was so excited he took it to school the day before Valentine's (the earliest day his teacher would let them bring their boxes).
We had another large cylinders so I thought I would look for a "box" we could make out of it for Lauren too. I saw a super cute owl on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to make. Lauren helped cut and glue, and the results were pretty cute:) It will be fun to see their Valentine's and hear all about their class parties. They were so excited they had a hard time falling asleep.We haven't made our yearly tradition of sugar cookies, and I am still debating. . . I LOVE sugar cookies (really most cookies for that matter) and I am trying to lose my baby weight still, so I don't really want a bunch of cookies sitting around, plus they already got to decorate some at Grandma Jenny's house last week.

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