Friday, July 8, 2011


June 8th (day 2)

The first day was exhausting due to the time change. We basically were up for the entire day without much of any sleep . . .only a couple hours on the plane. After a very long wait to show our passports we were in for another wait for the bus to get to the Central Bus Station at Heathrow. Then we were finally on the National Bus to Victoria Station. We got to our hotel easily and left our luggage--it was too early to get a key. Then we were off. First we saw the changing of the Guards. Then we walked through St. James Park and to Westminster Abbey where we took an audio tour. We walked by Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, and that is where it really started to rain so we went into the Tube. After that we walked to Trafalgar Square and then rode a double decker bus past Piccadilly Circus to Oxford Street. Walked down Carnaby Street and Burlington Arcade. It started to rain again (a common theme while we were in London) so we walked back to Trafalgar Square and went to St. Martins-in-the-Field Church where we ate in the crypt. We shared an apple crisp with warm custard for dessert (pudding as they call it). We then went to the National Gallery, saw some famous pieces of art then rode the bus to Harrods where we looked around a bit. It is an enormous store and we were getting pretty tired by that time. We took the tube back to our hotel and ate the strawberry tart we bought at Harrods. We were so happy to SLEEP that night!
Westminster AbbyBig BenThe London EyeTrafalgar Square (before the storm) Bikes for rent are located throughout different parts of the city.Trafalgar Square (the 2nd time we saw it after the downpour). The National GallerySt. Martins-in-the-Field Church (we ate in the crypt). Piccadilly Circus

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