Friday, July 8, 2011


June 10 (day 4)
Another active day. We started by packing up and changing hotels. After leaving our luggage at the new hotel it started to really pour with rain. We eventually worked our way to the tube station. We went to Camden Town we almost turned around because of the rain but decided to stay. It was a good choice and we walked around the market and the locks, watching two long boats go through a lock, and having delicious hot donuts dipped in chocolate and topped with nuts/sprinkles. We walked through the Stables Market and stopped where my mom ate last time she was here and had delicious Cream Salmon pasta. We took the tube to Tottenham Court Station but it was raining again. We worked our way again through the rain to the British Museum where we spent a couple of hours.We went back to the tube and went to Queensway station and walked past Kensington Palace to the Albert Memorial and the Royal Albert Hall. After walking past the Hyde Park Chapel, our last stop was the Victoria and Albert Museum. We ate first--guinea fowl with roasted potatoes and vegetables as well as a scone, strawberry jam, clotted cream (it sounds disgusting, but is actually delicious - like thick whipped cream), as well as a pain de chocolat which we shared. We spent a while walking around the museum. Then it was back to the Hammersmith Station where we bought some treats at Tesco to bring home and eat on our tour, used wifi at McDonalds and then to the Novotel hotel which was a really nice modern room (technically the first day of our tour - The best of Italy, and France).Camden Lock.The British MuseumCeiling inside the museum.
The Rosetta stone.Kensington Palace.The Royal Albert Hall.Albert Memorial.The Albert and Victoria Museum.Court inside the museum.


Shraon!! said...

Gasp! THE Rosetta stone? Cool!

Rachel said...

Oh wow, I am super super jealous right now! That is so awesome you were able to take this trip. I really want to go visit Kensington Palace! And I feel REALLY dumb right now, but I didn't know that the language training software was named after an actual "Rosetta Stone" - yeeeah, I'm the dumb American who better brush up on their history apparently...I love that we are not the only ones who report on all of our vacation meals! It's one of the best parts of traveling.