Saturday, July 16, 2011


More Europe updates to come next week! But I thought I better catch up on other happenings.

Brady celebrated his 6th birthday while I was in Europe. Brock took the kids to costco and Brady choose pizza and some danish pastries (complete with a birthday candle on top later that day). Brock did a wonderful job making sure he did something special for Brady, since I wasn't able too. He even took pictures!
Then they had a birthday dinner at Red Robin's with Brock's family where he got a light saber, star wars lego set, and some clothes. We had a really small birthday celebration the 5th of July with Allison & Curt, Elaina, Lance & Issac, and my mom. Allison and Curt were here visiting and decided to spend 1 evening with each family and it was our turn. We had a delicious dinner, then he got a box of Lego's - something he really loves and some $ from grandma Venita! The cake I made him was a Lego's cake too! He thought it was pretty cool. It always takes forever to make the kids cakes. . .even if they don't look like it! Next was Lauren's birthday on July 12th. She turned 4 and had a fabulous party with her cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. My kids still haven't had a friends party yet. Maybe next year??? She choose a princess crown cake. It took a while to do too, but it turned out pretty well. I also made a delicious homemade carrot cake from a recipe Allison gave me, it was delicious! It always takes a lot of work, but the kids enjoy having everyone over. She got a barbie, and barbie stuff, and a barbie scooter and barbie helmet. . .notice the trend? She is WAY into barbies right now! She got some gum which she shared with all her cousins. Art supplies (which the kids have had a blast with the last few days), strawberry shortcake doll, clothes, books, and an adorable tutu AKA 'marry dress' as Lauren calls it that Becah made for her.


The Ogdens said...

love the tutu! and that lego cake is awesome!

Liz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADY AND LAUREN... the cakes look great. Isabelle will randomly talk about both Lauren and Brady.