Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yay! Lauren's ANC and white blood cell counts stayed up enough to go to preschool again this week. Her platelet count dropped a little to 129K. She still is a little tired and falls asleep usually daily at random times.

Courtney is all but crawling. She is so cute and such a wonderful baby. You hardly know when she is around. She loves to mimic sounds now and ONLY wants big girl food (which can be a challenge with 3 teeth. . .one of her front teeth finally came out).

Who knew kindergarten would entail so much homework. Brady can handle a small sheet for homework, but this month he has the equivalent of about 30 sheets worth and 20 minutes of 'reading' a day. It's a challenge to get everything in, between all the usual stuff + some extras.

My ankle has been sore this week. It is now week 2 out of my walking cast + physical therapy= pain and more swelling! They iced my ankle today after PT which made it feel SO much better and have cut back the exercises to only 1 x/day, but also changed them up. We'll see how long it takes to heal and feel 100%. . .

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