Monday, October 11, 2010

Wishing Time

Lauren got to make her wish last week, and we are just waiting to get it finalized. Looks like we will be heading to Disney World after Thanksgiving for a week of much needed fun! The kids are SUPER excited. . .and we are too;)
Brady and Lauren making a wish with their special coins at the wishing pond outside
Lauren using her key to open the wishing room door

Following the lighted path to the wishing wizard

Placing her wish for the wizard
Her wish granters. .2 volunteers who made the night special and help to make her wish come true! Nicole and Jan got her yummy cheese pizza and chocolate cupcakes, along with some little presents (including a make-a-wish barbie, the big pink puppy on the table, a make-a-wish car for Brady, a little stuffed toy for Courtney and a few more things).


Lisa Louise said...

That is so awesome! Our family friends actually work there!

Rachel said...

Wow, that's awesome!! WOO HOO! I love the little path they follow to make their wish.

Liz said...

I am glad you get to go have some fun, it is much needed. :)

Bob and Jenn Peacock said...

How neat was that?!?!? If I don't see you before, have a wonderful time on your much needed Disney vacation!

Jenn Peacock

The Ogdens said...

so fun! I'm excited for you guys. Kind of ironic how we are all going on the same adventure

Peter and Leslie said...

SO fun! I'm so excited for you guys.