Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chemo is DONE. . .Wahoo!!!

Lauren had her very last chemotherapy dose today. It feels so unreal right now, it's hard to believe she is done with her treatment. She has been such a trooper, and an AMAZING patient (especially for a 2 to newly turned 3-year old).
The staff were so cute at the hospital today and even sang a little song about being done with treatment (to the tune of Happy Birthday To You) and sent her home with a few gifts. It was SO cute! Lauren had fallen asleep in my arms during her treatment which made me want to bawl. . .I don't get many down times to just soak in all that has happened, so she wasn't the happiest camper when we woke her up to take her dressing off and needle out. She got excited to see the little stash of gifts. They chose just what she would have chosen. . . a new Barbie, Tinkerbell bath set, cuddly teddy bear wearing a Cinderella crown, coloring book and crayons, and a soft cozy new blanket. Brady was SUPER excited to help her break it all in to. They could hardly wait to get in the bath tonight.
Well, the next step is weekly blood draws at home for 2 weeks and then another chest x-ray and abdominal ultrasound + blood and urine labs again in 3 weeks. If everything remains 'clean' she will be able to go to monthly appointments for a year and probably get her port out the end of October. She will have to get sedated to get it removed, which will be a new experience (other then her surgery of course). She has to stay on her antibiotics for another 3 months (YIKES. . . 8 months of total antibiotics!) and get no live-attenuated immunizations for a year (6 months for Brady and Courtney) so we will have a bit of time before everyone can catch up on their shots.
We are so grateful for each and everyone of you, who have helped us out in ANY way. We have been so blessed to be thought of and cared for so tenderly. There have been so many amazing people who have touched our lives forever. THANK YOU!!!!


Liz said...

hip hip hooray!

Charlotte said...

Yay for Lauren and her family! Congrats.

Aimee said...


so that means no chicken pox vax right? or has court already gotten it?