Friday, March 15, 2013

A little late. . . but here she is at 3 months!

Alexa has certainly changed and grown so much! She is such a happy baby now. You just have to look at her and talk and she usually lights right up. . .much different from her first 3 months of screaming for hours every day. The post is a little late since she will be 4 months on the 19th, not the picture though:) It was taken a few weeks ago. It's been pretty busy around here. Brady, Lauren, and Courtney started swimming lessons 2 weeks ago, and it seems super busy with that addition. They go M-Thurs from 510-540, which BTW us a horrible time,but the only one available in there skill level. They have done really well, and totally love it! We will have to keep practicing and sign them up for more lessons in the spring and/or summer. Brady also started Karate a week ago, so needless to say it IS busy around here!
3 months old
2 months old

1 month old

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alli said...

She's grown so much she looks like a totally different baby from 2 to 3 mos!