Thursday, March 21, 2013

4 Months Old!!!!

4 Months Old
3 Months Old
2 Months Old
Alexa is 4 months old! Time sure seems to go by so quickly. She seems to change everyday. Her favorite thing now is to put anything she can get her hands on (and especially her own hands) into her mouth. She loves playing with her toys, and of course putting them in her mouth. She has grabbed her toes a couple of times, giggles, smiles, and overall seems to be much more aware of everything. She loves to kick in the bath too. She LOVES to be held and talked too and isn't happy some days unless she is getting toted around. . .the kids think the Baby Bjorn is pretty neat, but she is getting so heavy it makes for some sore shoulders. She still has a hoarse cry and is a little raspy at times. Poor thing has been stuffy and hoarse most of her life! She gets frequent nasal saline and the bulb syringe to the nose. We were giving her Prevacid for reflux, but she was constipated so tried stopping it, but she was a cranky girl again so I think we will continue it for a few more months or more. We all love her and are excited to see what new things she will learn next. It's amazing to see how much a baby changes especially in the first year of life!

The girls. Poor Brady is always at school when we break out the camera. One day I will get all 4 kids in a picture together:)


Liz said...

She has grown so much from 3 to 4 months. So much fun. Your girls are beautiful.

The Hall's Wall said...

Love her!!!