Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 2010

Brady made the cutest card and gifts to give to Brock for his birthday. He is such a creative inventive kid who always comes up with unique inventions! He even made the card and wrote it all by himself. After church we went to Grandma Jenny's for a yummy birthday dinner and got to see the cousins. Brady has made great strides with learning to spell and sounding words out, I never noticed how many words aren't spelled phonetically until now. The other day he told Brock he was M. . .E. . .N! (aka mean) He doesn't believe me when I tell him how the word is really spelled;)
Cousin Riley
Bethany and Cousin TaylorChris, Taryn, and their puppy Josie
We got to meet with Lauren's wish granters (Jan and Nicole) again and got our itinerary for Disneyworld. They brought Lauren a princess backpack full of little princess thing. It will be nice to load it up for our 5 hr flight. The kids are super excited. We made a chain a little bit ago to help them know when we are leaving. It will be so fun for them and such a break from our year.
Jan, Lauren (with her new backpack and barbie), and Nicole
Poor Courtney got Conjunctivitis (pink eye), a runny nose, and an ear infection (the 2nd in 2 months. . .only her L ear both times). Let's hope she doesn't have her daddy's ears! So she is on antibiotics for both. She loves the Amoxicillin and gets mad when it is gone, she HATES the drops and closes her eyes super tight. It is amazing how much better they looked just after 24 hrs. I am glad she seems to be getting better fast just in time for our trip!
We had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner at my mom's (I didn't even have to bake anything. . .we'll except for making the gravy). It was so fun to see everyone again. It seemed like it had been a couple months. The kids had fun playing with there cousins and then we got to stop by Frankie's house and see Serena and the gang, followed by a slide show of Mark and his siblings. It was cute to see the pictures of everyone when they were little.
Cousin Eli
LaurenCousin Kylie
Cousin Taya
We'll we are off for Disneyworld this week. Let's cross our fingers we get good weather and that the kids have a wonderful time.


Liz said...

Fun Times!!Have fun in Disney World. Poor Courtney, no fun to be sick

The Ogdens said...

first off that is the cutest picture of riley! you need to send it to me! I'm so excited for your disney world trip...take lots of notes so i'll know what to expect :) i love lauren's hats too super cute! i hope you guys have a blast!