Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Festivities!

Of course, as usual there is an overabundance of photos. . .a little behind on the blogging;) Here are just a few shots of the Halloween festivities:

Brady as "The Knight" (as he said it), Courtney as a little ladybug, and Lauren as Snow White
Brady got to walk in a parade with all the other elementary kids. We got a quick glimpse as his class walked thru the halls of the school, picking up each class of on the way and ending in his class. We also got to see him perform a dance to Thriller too. He did an awesome job! It was SO cute to see him perform.
Brady in his Kindergarten class. .. he is in the way back by his teacher's assistant in the waldo costume.
Grandma Venita and Lauren after her Preschool ProgramLauren and Ms. Wendy- her teacher (she also has 2 student teachers who help in her class)Lauren and her preschool class (note the 3 Snow White's. . .the only repetitive costume. Brady was one of 3 superman's when he went to preschool at Ms. Wendy's too)Snow White at the beginning of her program. I thought she would do all the actions and sing all the songs, since she had been doing it at home everyday. She acted a little tired, and maybe stage fright??? There were TONS of people there watching it. . .parents, grandparents, siblings. Luckily we got there just in time to get one of the last seats. Most people had to stand for the program because there were so many people. We brought mummies (a version of pigs in the blanket with little smokies, complete with 2 mustard dots for eyes) and cheese for a refreshment. They were SO cool looking and quite a hit, they were gone super fast.Nick, Brady, and Lauren at Grandma Jenny's and Papa Greg's pre-Halloween partyMe and the kids at the annual Make-a-Wish trick or treating party. We weren't going to go because it was a couple busy hectic days that week, but cousin Riley wanted someone to hang out with. We met up with Becah, Marc and Riley. The kids got to get some candy, fish, and play a tossing game. They had fun so I am glad we went.Brady "fishing"Lauren tossing a beanbag in the pumpkins mouthAnd our final Halloween outing was trunk or treating at the church. No need to go door to door this year. The kids were completely satisfied with the little church outing. I made homemade chicken noodle soup and we had a yummy dinner. Thankfully they didn't get too much candy:)


Erik, Amy, Eliza, Esther & Eden said...

Wow! We are loving your costumes. What a brave knight and a beautiful Snow White. I didn't realize that Snow White was such a popular princess anymore! I'm surprised there were three in the class! Eliza acts the same way at school - singing the songs all the time at home, but when we came to see her at school....silence. Love it.

alli said...

Great costumes! Thanks for the photos!