Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 10

We finished week 10 today . . .only 8 more weeks to go. We are on schedule to finish the beginning of October, and lets hope it stays that way:) Lauren did better with her port accessing today, Rachelle the child life specialist was great and really worked on distraction today. Her count (ANC) was the highest it's ever been (2000). She is tired lately and has fallen asleep mid day a few times this week (and what 3 year old does that!), although she still refuses to take a nap. . .you can definitely see the fatigue side effect more lately.


Liz said...

yay on high ANC count. I guess her body is working overtime to heal and go through a stressful event of chemo. Good Luck... 8 weeks. We will keep praying for her health to stay well so there is no set backs.

alli said...

Great! Thanks for the updates!

The Ogdens said...

YAY! you go lauren