Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poor thing. . .

Chemo was completed yesterday. . .12 weeks down! Her ANC actually stayed up reasonably well and we were glad she could get her treatment. She woke up at night crying again, she doesn't ever feel super great the night of chemo, but seemed to be feeling better (at least this morning). Now she gets a break for 2 weeks. . .no actual chemo drugs, just lab draws at home with her port. She then gets a whopping dose again (both drugs and an antiemetic drug) + CXR and abdominal ultrasound on week #15.

They increased one of the chemo drugs yesterday and unfortunately we had our first nausea with vomiting episode while I was getting off the freeway today. It was a huge mess all over the car, Lauren, and her car seat. . .not to mention the lovely smell we all endured the rest of the ride home. Poor thing! She took her Zofran and is feeling much better now. So sad to see/hear her helplessly vomiting and no way to pull over (no shoulder). I was planning on giving her the Zofran as soon as we got home, because I thought she didn't feel quite right (it's hard to have a newly turned-three year old tell you what is wrong). I think it's just because they gave her a good increase in 1 of the chemo drugs. Plus whenever she gets them both at the same time she doesn't seem to feel quite right. Hopefully she will feel good tomorrow.

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Rachel said...

How sad especially when you couldn't really do anything at the moment to help her! Thanks for the updates, we keep praying for her!