Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Lauren finished her 8th week of chemo today. . .only 10 more to go. It was a pretty traumatic appointment. She was bawling, screaming, and kicking so Brock and I had to hold her down so they could access her port, poor thing. I was super surprised her ANC dropped so dramatically, from 1900 last Wednesday to 100 today. Critically low again, bring on the masks and limited visitors :(

Her Hct is low but stable at 30%, platelets are normal, and her total WBC continues to be low. Hopefully her ANC will come up enough (has to be 1000) to get chemo next week, I hate to prolong it anymore then we have too! It's probably pretty unlikely it will rebound that quickly but we will see. The home health nurse will come draw her laws Tuesday to see if we need to go Wednesday for chemo or wait a few more days to check the ANC again.


lanie said...

Hi Lauren,

I stumbled across your blog. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.


The Ogdens said...

poor lauren. she's such a trooper

alli said...

So sorry it was a rough week :(
Glad the BDay party was such a success! Wish we could have been there

Liz said...

I came across your blog through the Fredricks. I hope you dont mind that I check it out. This way I can keep up on cute Lauren and not have to have you repeat it to one more person. You have such a cute family. Good Luck! We have a family blog, but I have it set to private if you would like to be added send me your email at