Friday, July 2, 2010

June 2010

It's been a busy couple of weeks. . . thus the long posting. I love pictures, so it makes it even longer.

Look who's 5!!! BRADY started the day out kind of rocky. . .he threw up a couple times, no rash, fever or anything else going on. He does this every once in a while out of the blue. The day was much better after that. I took him to a couple stores (might not sound super fun, but he loved just spending time with me for a few hours since I feel like I never spend much time with him lately). We made a dragon cake this year, turned out pretty good, but I was rushed at the end (the errands took longer then I thought). He got his first bike and some other fun stuff. Lauren and he actually used the slip n' slide for the first time yesterday. . .they had a blast!

Brady @ Camp Hobe. He had an amazing time! Thanks to Jamie for taking him the first day. It was a 2 day, day camp for kids with cancer and their siblings (Lauren wasn't old enough and her ANC was also too low to go. He had tons of fun swimming, crafting, and singing. He was definitely exhausted by the end of the day.

LAUREN'S ANC went up super fast, from 100 to 1400 this week (which meant she got both doses of chemo). She did well and actually slept most of the night after, which is a change. Her Hct went up as well, to 33% so we have avoided the transfusion!
Rachelle the Child Life Specialist helps Lauren play with her dolly at her clinic appointments.

Dr. Yaish her Oncologist

Eating lunch + chem in the infusion area.

Making orange faces (how I got her to eat when she was hospitalized)

Baldies. . . Papa Mark and Lauren

Coming home. She was super excited and started to run around. She looked better then she had the couple days before. The kids were excited to see her again too.

COURTNEY started to clap her hands and does it on cue now. She rolled over a couple times too. She still doesn't spend a whole lot of time on the floor (2 big kids running around. .. kinda scary). She is at a super fun stage, learning new things and making lots of noise.
We got to see Toy Story 3 with Hope kids. Cousin Riley got to go too! It was SO nice just to forget about life for a few hours and have family fun together.

Brady on the Slip n' Slide. He had tons of fun once he figured out how to slide down it.

Lauren mostly wanted to drink from it.

Courtney watching her crazy siblings get wet. She got sprayed a couple time, but didn't mind. it was a pretty hot day:)


The Ogdens said...

way cute pics! the best one is lauren and my dad. i'm glad brady loved the slip and slide

Elaina Lindberg said...

Awesome cake! I wish we could have been there. It looks like you've been busy. I love the pictures!! Your family is definitely in our thoughts and prayers. Miss you!!

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