Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lauren's Birthday +

It's of course been a busy month. . .when is there ever a dull moment? I worked the 4th of July, went to a fun BBQ @ my mom's after, then fireworks @ Nick's house.
I thought I would try curlers in Lauren's hair. She has the most fine hair, plus no patience to wait until it was thoroughly dried. . .but it was still fun! Notice the nice blister, just ask Lauren. She shows everyone her "owie" everywhere we go. It was a pretty bad burn from touching the extremely hot muffler after doing many errands (OUCH!). And we had to snap a pic of Lauren falling asleep eating dinner one Sunday after church. She is the first of our kids to do that. It was hilarious. Brock even did a little video of it.
Lauren turned 2 last week and got a butterfly cake. It was harder to do something 'girly' but it looked decent. It was so fun to get her something girly to play with. She didn't really have much. She had a blast and especially loves all the fun stuff. Thanks to all our family that came and made the potluck BBQ a success!
And finally the biggest thing this week is we bought a minivan. . .the official mommy car. . .stormin' Mormon. . .you get the picture. I actually quite love it (afer 1 day) it has a tons more room then our Subaru. Now to just sell the Met.


The Ogdens said...

congrats on the new car!

alli said...

What??? You got a minivan?? Is it up at Trial Lake with you? Post a photo of you and your 'mommy car!' Love you!