Friday, March 6, 2009

The Daily Happenings

Yeah! My headaches are gone after a month of physical therapy. I am so amazed at how well it worked. Well, I still keep finding projects to do. . .here are the mid and after pictures (I always forget to take before pics). I finished the surround sound wiring and patching of holes. It was not too fun, especially with 2 little "helpers" running around but I love the finished project. In -ceiling speakers are SO neat! They really are hardly noticeable. . .
o.k. it's kind of hard to see because the flash made extra circles on the wall, but there were 7 holes at the top of the walls from adding an extra speaker and moving 2 existing lines (they were put in strange places when we got them wired before the sheetrock).
This was after playing in all the packing material for the subwoofer speaker. . .two little cuties!
In the midst of playing with the packing peanuts. . .fun, but definitely messy!

Earlier this year I was trying to get a couple things done, and here is what happens when you leave 2 little ones alone for only a few minutes! Needless to say, another bath that day and cleaning of the carpet. It definitely took more time to clean up then I actually got accomplished by leaving them for those few minutes :o
Lauren with her first pigtails! She has had many more since then. Love the family resemblance?
Valentines day @ Ms. Wendy's. Brady could hardly wait to see his valentines!


Jules said...

Fun happenings! We need to have a movie night at your house with the cool new speakers! And your kids are adorable!

The Ogdens said...

they are just the cutest kids ever!

Rachel said...

I wanna be in on the movie night too! I can't believe we've never been to your guys' place yet. Yay for your migranes being gone!

allig said...

I love your blog! I didn't know you even had one. Maybe one day I'll start one. That is what married women do anyhow. See you soon! Love yoU!