Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Decorations

We have had fun making some new Halloween decorations this year, thanks to some ideas I saw on blogs. I think they turned out pretty cute. The kids LOVE to plug in the lights, in fact it's one of the first thing they do if ANYone happens to come over:) Next will have to make Halloween sugar cookies (our yearly tradition), and other fun food ideas I found on blogs too! Should be a fun fall for the kids. They already have decided what to be and can hardly wait for Halloween! I want to make a count down wood block set next, that way they can see how many days instead of asking all the time. I like this one I saw online. .. now to go to the wood store everyone talks about (can't remember the name) and see what kind of stuff they have!
Here's Courtney in her new Halloween leggings I made. . . one of the easiest projects EVER! Took maybe 3 min. to make, made from a pair of knee high socks.  She was all dressed in Halloween attire for dance. That's one of the 5 Halloween pillow covers (envelope style) in the background that I made last year. I really like them too! It's rewarding to see everything come together and it's now looking quite festive around here:)
Here are the cool ghosts we made from cheesecloth and starch. The kids had fun with this one! And I loved another idea I saw on one blog to hang ghosts from a light! Notice the vinyl bats on the lights (another online blog idea which I thought was super fun and easy).
Here they are with the lights on, the kids think they look like they are floating!
The monster jars we made. Just had to empty a few food jars to make these:) The kids loved making them though. They took a few days because of drying tome. We made a ghost, pumpkin, Frankenstein, mummy (Brady made that one. . .we used crayon to color the edge of the tissue paper before we mod-podged it on. . .think it made it look more like a mummy then the one we saw online), and a vampire! Courtney HAS to plug them in everyday. She LOVES them!
There is a small piece of the candy corn banner I made last year for a boutique. I love it still! Our new Halloween bobble head and Halloween tree.
Courtney and her ghost hair clip form last years boutique. She loves it and wears it EVERY day since we got it out. Now to make one for Lauren, since Courtney has pretty much taken this one over:)
The Countdown block idea I NEED to do next. Would be good for birthdays and Christmas too (pretty much any Holiday the kids can hardly wait for!!).


Sheffers said...

LOVE IT!!! and MISS you like crazy.

The Ogdens said...

I LOVE those monster jars! I need to make some