Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dance Girls!

I signed Lauren up for dance again at Miss Julie's since she had a wonderful time in the spring. Miss Julie is such a cute woman, and SO good with kids! Lauren loves dance especially because she gets to go with her BFF Mae. Courtney has been chomping at the bit to go to school everyday, so I thought maybe she could try dance. Well, once I mentioned it that was it! She was definitely going to do dance too! I bought her a little leotard, skirt and shoes (tap + ballet) and she tried them on as soon as she saw them. She could hardly wait to go to dance (too bad it was the next day;). She wouldn't let me put the tap shoes on because "they not dance shoes," but I finally got one on for a quick fitting. Once I showed her how they worked she didn't want to take them off. . .funny girl. For her first class I took her to the mom-and-me class with other 2-3 year old class since I didn't know if she would be old enough to be with the 3-yr old class. She could hardly wait! We were the first ones there. She opened the door then decided maybe dance wasn't as cool as soon as the other moms and kids came in. She acted completely different then I thought she would. She pretty much spent most of the hour on my lap. I could hardly believe it was her. . .she's not generally a shy girl (AT ALL)! I wondered if that is the class we should stay with, but Miss Julie thought she would be good in the 3-yr old class. So this week we tried that one out. At first she was timid and didn't want to leave my side until she got to see the secret surprise (Smarties) for after dance, then she was less shy. I had to sneak out because unfortunately I couldn't just stick around outside for very long since I had my OB checkup. I barely made it back when dance ended (darn BP is starting to rise, trace protein in my urine, I grew 5 cm in 3 weeks + gained 6 lbs mostly water weight . . .hopefully I won't end up with PIH. . .just the start of it for now). Anyways, when I picked her up Miss Julie said this was definitely the class for her. She did a great job and was such a good listener! Yay! I was so proud of her, and excited for her to be able to have a little fun while all her siblings are off to school.


Liz said...

So much fun, I love dance. They are so cute.

The Hall's Wall said...

Soooo cute!!! Love those girls!

The Ogdens said...

courts you look like me when I was in dance! gotta love it