Thursday, September 29, 2011

wOw! It's been busy around here. . .

SO, I noticed it's been FOR-EV-ER since I blogged, but it's been a bit busy around here. I am making stuff again for our neighborhood boutique (Next Friday, October 7th 10-5PM). I am excited, but stressed a little about finishing what I started, and also about selling things. It went well last time, so hopefully it is successful again, and I won't be left with too many things. . .unless they are different items.

Brady is in the 1st grade and is loving school. I thought he would come home tired. . .at least a little;) It is his first ALL-day school! He hasn't really enjoyed homework as much, thankfully he is getting the hang of it (the fact he can actually play once he finishes, rather then dragging it out for 2+ hrs!). He loves to buy lunch, but who knows what if anything much he actually eats on those days. He is my busy boy, and mealtimes are no different. Whenever he takes his lunch he comes home with practically the entire thing and has his 'snack' after school. I know he has to sit on the bench, but I am sure he is chatting away instead of eating. He is getting better at reading, and reads to me every day for 10-15 min (from the books he borrows from his teacher). I am definetely excited he is picking it up:)

Lauren starts preschool on my birthday, a week before Halloween. I think it will be nice to have her go socialize and learn for a couple hours M/W/F, then it will be just me and Courtney! She has finally tackled bedwetting. She has been daytime potty trained since she turned 2, but has been in pull ups for 2 yrs! She has no gone for almost 2 weeks in underwear! The first night was a disaster, unire soaked bed and girl in the middle of the night, so bathtime and changing of the sheets is always fun in the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say she slept in underwear AND pullups for a couple nights after that and remained dry. Hopefully she keeps it up. She has also managed to quit sucking her thumb, which feels like an absolute miracle! We used this thumb sucking nailpolish my friend gave me, and it worked well. She actually asked for it over a week ago (of course it was midnight, but I painted them). That is THE best habit gone!!

Courtney is talking up a storm. She is really good at names (unlike Brady who still asks his COUSINS what there names are!!). She is a lefty like Brady too, but a big eater (not like Brady)! We are trying to tackle the bink right now. She has only used it for nap/bed times for months and months. But I finally decided this week she needs to try to be bink free. She has done 2 nap times in a row without it and tonight is the first night. So far, so good:) Hopefully she will keep it up!

Well, once this boutique is over and things settle down I will finally get around to bloogging the rest of my trip. One day. . .SOON!


Liz said...

Sounds like life has been crazy... fun to hear all the updates. I hope to make it to your boutique. Sure miss seeing you guys. Good luck on the bink, that is one think I am dreading with Robert, we are down to naps and bedtimes as well. One day. :)

The Ogdens said...

those kids are so dang cute! i just love them!