Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FINALLY!!! Lauren's Journey. . .the slide show

I finally loaded the movie I made (after shortening it- speeding up the pictures which meant changing the music a bit too and making the file smaller - hence a little grainy). It's about Lauren's journey, from pre-diagnosis, surgery, ending with the completion of her Make-a-Wish trip (Disneyworld). It brought tears to my eyes when I put it together, and still makes me feel a variety of emotions. I am grateful the hardest part of the 'journey' is now over.

She started her 'regular' 3 month checkup today and all CT scans (chest, abdomen, and pelvis) remained cancer free, she continues with some small lymph nodes around her spleen but they haven't changed and aren't enlarged. Unfortunately her lab results were invalid (very difficult draw from an IV that took 2 pokes too!) so we need to go back to the hospital tomorrow to have them redrawn. . .I haven't broken the bad new to Lauren yet, we found out after being home about 30 minutes. She HATES pokes! (and who wouldn't blame her?).

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


The Hall's Wall said...

OK Thanks for renewing the tears! I Love You All! STAY CANCER FREE!!!
Love Grandma Jenny!

Liz said...

Thanks for sharing... I am so happy to hear that things look great... no fun with the redraw, we had that happen with Robert a few times. Miss you guys!!