Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful Christmas spending lots of time with family. We had the traditional Nativity at my mom's house the Sunday before Christmas, a delicious prime rib dinner Christmas Eve @ my mom's, Jenny McMuffins Christmas morning, Santa visits, cookie making, and snow playing.
Santa brought them a kitchen with some pretend food, Lauren got dress up clothes and a new outfit, Brady a marble track and clothes. They got some fun gifts from the grandparents too! Lauren got her 2nd barbie doll and barbie movie, more dress up stuff (one of her favorite things), Brady got walkie talkies, a batman action figure, new tool belt and toy tools, plus a big remote truck. It was so fun seeing the excitement in their eyes! They loved everything!
New Years Eve we had my mom over for a delicious crab and steak dinner, with sweet potatoes and mushrooms. Brock and I rang in the New Year taking care of Brady and Courtney. Just after midnight Brady came upstairs sick and continued throwing up for the next couple hours while Courtney did her usual nightly routine. .. crying and needing her pacifier, patting and holding her (I think Brock got the best deal on this one:).

Courtney is a month old now which is hard to believe! She is getting so big already. Time goes by SO fast, and the kids seem to change quickly.
We are hoping for a wonderful New Year, watching our kids grow and learn. Brady will start kindergarten in the fall and Lauren will start Preschool (just to name a few exciting things)!

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Jules said...

Your kids are so cute! Fun Christmas, it looks like!